Fried Chicken… That Most Beloved of Fried Foods

What makes ours so different? To start off, we use Colorado’s own Red Bird Farms chicken thighs, the best we’ve discovered with the highest quality. We marinate the thighs for a full 24 hours for a juicy and flavorful result. Then we hand-bread them and use our own house-seasoned flour. The chicken is fried to a golden crisp for an especially big crunch and topped with sea salt and black pepper. It’s served with a honey Sriracha sauce and bread and butter pickles. Throw a little love in there and you have our signature menu item, Foxtrot Fried Chicken… on the menu since day one.

Need a suggestion on what to pair with your Foxtrot Fried Chicken? If you’re a whiskey fan, give Angel’s Envy bourbon a try. Its smoothness complements the spicy kick of the chicken. We recommend a light-bodied lager or a crisp pilsner for beer lovers, like Prost Brewing Company’s Altfrankisches Dunkel, which contrasts well with the savory fry. For a lighter crisper option, a dry effervescent bubbly like Spain’s Freixenet cuts through the richness for a refreshing combo. Our bartenders are ready and waiting to help you pair it with something to your liking.

Thanks Go Bootler for the great review, complete with a shout out for our Foxtrot Fried Chicken!